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Hello & welcome to Internet Income Goals!

My name is Brook-Lynn Adams & my goal with this website – aside from achieving my own Internet income goals – is to be honest, & helpful. Just by being honest & sincerely trying to help people earn money on the Internet I can make this site unique as compared to sites/blogs based on the same subject. Needless to say, there’s a lot of misinformation out there in the world of Internet marketing. If you’re serious about making money online allow me to wish you good luck & inform you while it is possible & definitely achievable –  it’s NOT easy.

There are literally 100’s of ways to earn an Internet income but I personally believe there is only 1 road that’ll take you there. Unfortunately mostly everyone online or in the game of Internet marketing will block that 1 road to success by bombarding you/your email with simple ideas, plans, methods, systems, loopholes, and strategies 24-7. These constant launches and “always affiliates” make finding that “1 road” to Internet success like finding a needle in a hay stack.

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If you read my blogs, or you’re subscribed to my newsletter you know I’ll never add to the number 1 blockade between people and an Internet income. That “blockade” is information overload. When self proclaimed “coaches” do nothing but create weekly wso’s, light your email up with other wso’s, and write glowing reviews about every biz-op “they’ve tried” (yeah right) they’re adding to the number 1 problem aka info-overload.

If you feel you’re following a few of “those types” you know the always affiliates, get off their email lists, stop watching their videos or even reading their tweets. If you really are serious about making money on the Internet those guys will only hold you back, there so called expert advice will keep you in a perpetual  state of always learning – never earning.

Your journey to an Internet income should start with 3 fundamental steps

Do those 3 steps seem over simplified?…

…almost like – turn your computer on – sit down – make money

I know it may seem like that, but that’s literally the advice that finally put me in the profit column. It’s very easy to try and learn and/or do too much at first. For me, the hardest part when getting started was not making any money at all for a long time. When it takes so long to finally make money you can actually start to question if making money online is even possible & that is not a mind set you want to find yourself in.

That’s why I didn’t go with the traditional…

  1. Choose a niche –
  2. Create a blog/website –
  3. Promote drive traffic to your site –
  4. Build an email list

The list above IS the way you build an online business, but I believe the best way to begin is to begin with instant results. Once you understand HOW to earn money on the Internet and you have earned money on the Internet the rest of your moves will be with a lot more confidence. I can not over state how critical your mind set is. Choosing a niche and creating a website based on that niche kind of traps you on a 1 way street before you really know where you’re heading. Make money 1st, then while you’re earning some extra money you can begin to build your business for the long term.

So are you going to be like everyone else and struggle for months while learning everything and doing nothing?

…are you going to be a part of that elite group that shoots out of a cannon and quits their job in the next 6 months?

Finding an Internet income method that works consistently & is making you money on a consistent basis is only half the battle. The rest of the battle is the most challenging fight and that’s teaching yourself to be disciplined and to stay focused. Learning what not to do becomes almost as important as what to do in the early stages of your Internet marketing career. Click here to sign up for my newsletter. Along with valuable & useful information about getting started online, I’ll also show you where to learn 5 methods that will put you in the profit column as soon as possible. These 5 methods are taught with 1 main goal in mind, that goal – teach people ways to start making money AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Once your making some money, everything else will become a whole lot clearer.

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