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Earning a full time Internet income by way of Affiliate marketing is an extremely difficult goal to accomplish. It’s a goal you WON’T accomplish without…

          * The correct mindset (critical)
          * A whole lot of hard work
          * Unwavering focus
          * Relentless determination
          * Helpful resources (a must have)

And that short list is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you will NEED before you can reach Super Affiliate Status. Rather going off on some rant about the intangibles required to succeed in affiliate marketing I’m going to keep it simple. I’m going to give you a few cut and dry examples and resources I either know of or use myself on a daily basis.

Your mindset is absolutely critical and that can not be overstated. In an attempt to keep this short I’m going to include hard work, focus and determination as part of “the correct mindset”. I’ll be publishing a blog entry on the correct mindset very soon, so in this post I’m only going to provide a resource I know of. This “resource” contains the information that finally gave me the ability to focus on my goals and my goals alone. It’s a book, its not a 12 page ebook or some cheat sheet pdf. It’s an actual book – a hard copy and yes it is free. This “book” is responsible for creating wealth all over the world. You can request a free copy of the book that has literally transformed my life from negative to positive. Go secure your copy  HERE

Knowing how to get high quality targeted traffic & getting that traffic to convert is basically the key to all types of Internet marketing and when I say “convert” that can mean any action (ie signup). Generating enough traffic, effectively testing and tracking that traffic while simultaneously testing and tracking your offers & landing pages is the long way to say “optimizing your affiliate campaigns”.I know that’s an intimidating sentence but the process shouldn’t scare you. Affiliate marketing is not easy to figure out, but once you do figure it out, like really get it, you my friend are made in the shade.

AFFLIFT is an affiliate marketing community & discussion forum capable of making the difficult aspects of affiliate marketing a lot easier to master. AFFLIFT offers something most learning platforms do not and that’s the ability to provide detailed information IN REAL TIME. Getting advice from people that have been there and done that is the most priceless advice you can get. Combine that with the fact – that advice is arriving basically instantly. Instant and accurate solutions & answers to any problems or questions you may have can pave a smooth road to affiliate marketing success & that’s exactly what AFFLIFT provides.You can explore all AFFLIFT has to offer by signing up for free. Go ahead & check it out HERE

I’m also doing a video demo very soon, I’ll be sure to post that information right here on this page.


4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Resources

  1. Daine Geltz

    Someone here asked me before if I can provide a link to that passive income. Finally found it so here it is: Online Paid Surveys. Very quick payouts and a lot of surveys, so if you have a lot of time, you’ll probably make a lot of money. I’m a single mom of two and all I could make was only $50 a day :/ Wish I had enough time to make it my full time income. I know I’d crush it, as I love surveys 🙂


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