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Thanks to affiliate marketing tools, you don’t have to be a technical wizard to be a successful affiliate marketer anymore…

I’m not technical. I’m not some Millennial that the Internet is just 2nd nature to. For example,  I watch my nephews on their devices and for them Internet stuff is like a reflex, they put no thought into it – somehow they just know. Unfortunately, that’s not me. I’m not an old man but I’m no spring chicken – I’m 39. So when I had to do a book report for school I had to get on a train and go to a library.

My point, anyone can do this. I am Internet literate and not much more.

Whats the misconception in this sentence?…
The most technical necessities of affiliate marketing are also the most critical & those necessities are testing and tracking.

Testing and tracking are critical – no doubt. The misconception is that testing and tracking has to be technically difficult – it doesn’t. I know testing and tracking is intimidating but unfortunately you have no choice. If you want to earn enough in affiliate commission to replace a 9 to 5 job it MUST BE DONE – PERIOD!

If you’re “just winging it” you won’t make consistent income. You may stumble onto a winning combination & make several sales in a row, but if you aren’t consistently tracking – even the most positive results you might as well be playing BlackJack or Roulette. I say that because without constant tracking your income can STOP, completely dry up at any moment.

The key to consistent affiliate commissions and the difference between failure and consistent success is testing and tracking… But this fact should not scare you. I didn’t test or track my campaigns for a long time due to fear of it being too technically difficult. All I did during that period of my Internet marketing career is waste time and waste money. FACT the entire time I spent just winging it did nothing but cost me money. If you insist on being afraid or intimidated by something be afraid and intimidated by losing money.

I’m going to explain just how easy tracking can be in just a moment. Please allow me explain what needs to be tested first. The big 3 you will always be testing are;
1). Your Traffic Source
2). Your Landing Page
3). The Offer Page

Yes there are more than 3 things to test in an average campaign, but stuff like Keywords, ad copy, lead magnets, funnel steps ect are all basically smaller aspects within the big 3…

So – anything you will be working on a whole lot -in this example its testing and tracking the big 3- MUST be done efficiently. If your 2 most important and potentially technical  tasks can be taken care of quickly, easily  & accurately it leaves you plenty of additional time for plenty of additional income streams & isn’t that what its all about? – 99% of millionaires have at the very least 1 passive income stream. It was Warren Buffet that said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you’re asleep, you will work until the day you die.”

I know I rant I’m sorry, back on topic, testing and tracking can be preschool easy because today we have the tools to make it easy. If your going to be testing traffic sources and landing pages multiple times on a daily basis you NEED it to be done FAST & easy.

The tools that make the testing and tracking easy for me are…

1). Click Funnels – Click Funnels allows you to build multiple landing pages and funnels super easy and super quickly. The days of having to pick 1 niche are in the past. I can buy a domain for 1$ and create a funnel in any niche within 20 minutes. Find a Clickbank product with a gravity over 200 & a simple 2 step funnel has great potential to make you money. Click Funnels is my favorite page builder because;

1). its easy to use (I need that)
2). it functions properly every time (critical)
3). It allows me to effortlessly build the 1, 2 & 3 step funnels I’m currently killing it with!
4). it does a ton more I’m still figuring out <~ (technically challenged)

Here’s a quick example of a 2 step funnel I created in 15 minutes. Its building me an email list and selling a popular Clickbank product at 1 of every 17 hops on the front end. You can also do this in very low competition niches which means very cheap clicks & big ROI’s! I also have a basic 2 step funnel for a WarriorPlus product that again is building my email list and generating over 1$ epc’s! – You can signup for Click Funnels free and use it for 14 days. If you sign up from this page email me your details and I’ll show you exactly how to build the easy funnels that are currently making me over $10k per month ($3k of which is totally auto-pilot). 2 weeks is plenty of time to start generating affiliate commissions with Click Funnels and if you don’t make money in 14 days you can cancel and will cost you ZERO. Think about that as risk-reward. Risk NOTHING – potentially gain a job replacing income from your own home. That’s a no-brainer!

2). ClickMagick – ClickMagick is THEE link cloaking and tracking tool that finally made me a CONSISTENT earner online. I’ve been earning money on the internet on and off for close to 8 years. I’ve always made money but always had a 40 hour a week real world job as well. The money I made online was always very sporadic which with a mortgage and car payments was NOT gonna cut it. If the Internet is going to be your main source of income it has to be consistent.

Diligently testing & tracking is the only way to earn consistent affiliate commissions & Clickmagick makes recording extremely detailed and extremely critical statistics of all your visits – clicks – and actions. Here’s just some of the features you get with a subscription to ClickMagick
Get ClickMagick FREE for 14 days – subscriptions starting at just 12$ per month

Simplicity, Ease-Of-Use (again my bread and butter simple)
Automatic Split-Test & Results
Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis
The MagickPop(s) – Many Pop-up & Redirect Options
Many Countdown Options
Advanced Retargeting (this is epic – if they don’t sign-up follow em) lol thats a joke – but really…
Dynamic Links – You Pick The Page of The Offer Funnel (ie your page to order form)
Content Locking – Aggressive Approach (force traffic to take an action)
24/7 Automatic Link Uptime Monitoring (never lose $ because of offer site issues)
Automatic “Bot” Filtering ( someone sells you a fake solo ad services & they’re BUSTED)
GEO And Mobile Targeting
FB and Google Analytics Intergration (what! – awesome)

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