The Best Way to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing… Ah affiliate marketing – how damn attractive is the idea of affiliate marketing?

For me, affiliate marketing is THEE end all be all of Internet marketing. The idea is so brilliant and so simple, couple that with the earning potential and it’s God like in a world of Internet income systems.

Unfortunately its as sexy as it is complex, difficult, frustrating and potentially very expensive to learn when you’re new to it (when your a noob). A very small percentage of aspiring full time Internet marketers are ever going to scratch the surface of their Internet Income Goals. It’s a sad but true reality and in this post I will try to identify and break down the most common reasons so many people never find their path to Internet success.

I’m going to make a list of the most common Affiliate marketing pitfalls & then I’ll discuss each 1 in a bit more detail. They’re not listed in any particular order other than the number 1 reason for newbie struggles.

  • The #1 super affiliate dream killer is Information Overload
  • State of mind (also critical)
  • Out dated information
  • Lastly down right laziness

Want to hear irony at its best?..

The “super affiliate dream killers”, are usually the super affiliates themselves…

Let me rephrase that, aspiring super affiliates or better yet the “always affiliates” are the distributors of information overload hence the “super affiliate dream killers”.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You sign up for a free ebook/video/cheat sheet/whatever. The freebie is nothing like advertised on their squeeze page and all the “valuable report” is – is a mode of transportation to another one time offer or course for a small fee. Now they have your email and while they promised to provide value with the newsletter you’ve subscribe to they actually only provide their affiliate links sometimes twice a day.  A lot of times those emails are all basically the same reworded paragraphs about different products (IE. launch special, early bird price, my bonus package ect.)

  • Information overload is the number 1 dream crusher and people basically peddle it 24 -7 – 365. As long as people struggle to make money online the more they’ll seek the information they need creating a never ending market of buyers. You know the old saying a drug or alcohol rehab has a revolving door. This basically means the same people leaving clean are coming back drunk. The same is true in Internet marketing, people will either give up or succeed eventually and their replacements the new newbies will simply take their places. Pushing information how to make money online is a great way to make money online.. lol messed up aint it…
  • State of mind is another popular barricade blocking the road to success online. For me I saw my first $5k a day Clickbank account with the words “If You Can Copy & Paste You Can Make Money Like This Too” – I was young, stupid, and ignorant but most of all I was head over heels in love with the idea of affiliate marketing, lol they had me hook line and sinker. The most damaging part of that ad wasn’t the unrealistic income potential it was the notion that it could be easy. It’s extremely damaging to your state of mind when you realize – affiliate marketing is far from easy. Most people don’t like to work hard and when you go into something expecting not to work hard its not easy to summon the required enthusiasm to suddenly work as hard as necessary.
  • Out dated information – As if the potential for relevant information overload wasn’t enough, there’s also rehashed information and passed their prime income systems being pushed on you constantly. Affiliate marketing and the Internet in general are in a constant state of evolution. Learning a presently effective method of affiliate marketing as a newbie is like trying to jump onto a moving jet ski from a dock into an ocean of information. If your lucky enough to stick the landing on that jet ski you may be part of that small percentage of entrepreneurs that succeed immediately online. But again, the math says you will miss the jet ski and have to swim for it through that ocean of info, most of which is out dated, rehashed, and you’ll probably never make it.
  • Laziness – most people just don’t have what it takes to succeed online. It really takes a special breed. Because you have to get through the info overload phase, some how obtain the correct state of mind, & learn to avoid the out dated info you truly have to be a seriously relentless personality. Just wanting it really bad and working hard is not enough, you also have to develop a knack for staying ahead of the forever evolving Internet. When you read a sales letter that claims to have you making 300$ a day with 3 simple steps – only to realize its more like 30 difficult steps its hard to keep that same level of goal driven work ethic.

Website creation, traffic generation, lead captures, the technique of pre-selling, constant tracking, testing, and tweaking are some of the obvious skills you must master before becoming a successful affiliate and those are just the obvious skills. There’s also the unspoken skills, the ability to find a method that works and sticking to it. The ability to FOCUS may be the most skill you have when trying to make it as an affiliate. It’s not easy to focus on one method even when that one method is working well. Unfortunately there always seems to be something better, easier, and more profitable flooding your email & breaking that much needed focus.

Getting stuck and searching for solutions to the issue you’re having is just 1 way to get sidetracked from the task at hand. The more you have to search for answers to questions you may have the more difficult it becomes to get back on course. This is why I firmly believe getting instant answers to questions, & instant solutions to problems is the most valuable assistance one can get. Afflift is a fairly new affiliate marketing (community) discussion forum that offers just that –
Real Time Solutions to All of Your Current &/or Potential Affiliate Marketing Problems…

Having trouble with…

  • Getting Accepted by Networks/Programs
  • Landing pages
  • Testing
  • Tracking
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Magnets
  • Follow Ups
  • or anything else affiliate marketing related

Afflift is GUARANTEED to have you covered – Check it out FREE

When I was first starting out I had the Warrior Forum which is a great Internet Marketing resource so I don’t want to act like I didn’t have any help at all because I did. But AFFLIFT is all about Affiliate Marketing & the friendly people that are helping others on that platform are people that are currently successful Affiliates. Successful affiliates that have been where you are and have the answers that will put you in that elusive profit column once and for all.

Thanks for reading!
Brook Lynn A.

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