Is it a MUST You Choose a Niche?

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Choosing a Niche 1st – is it really necessary?…

I say – yes and no, & I’ll explain what I mean by that in just a moment…

Prior to sites like Click Funnels which make building landing pages a breeze, the answer to that question has always been an absolute YES.

Most if not all articles, blog posts, ebooks, & info-products will tell you choosing a niche is 1 of the the 1st steps you should take no matter what type of online business you intend to start. Up until about a year ago I totally agreed with that & the most common to do list in the most common order has always been;

  • Research
  • Choose a niche
  • Create a website
  • Promote website/drive traffic
  • Monetize website

If you’re planning on – or already have created your own product, you plan on creating an online community (ie. a discussion forum, social network) or you plan on offering a very specific service than I’d have to say yes, the above list is really the only way to go. But in this post I want to discuss a way to make plenty of money online with out 1st having to choose 1 specific niche and stick to it.

A site like Clickbank used in conjunction with a service like Click Funnels opens up an infinite amount of money making opportunities no matter what niche or market you’re in or want to get into.

Clickbank has several products at any given time that sell just by getting the right traffic to the sales pages. There’s plenty of products who’s sales pages make sales at 1 in 20 hops. If you’re commission is $23 per sale and you’re paying 0.50 per click your return on ad spend is 13$ per sale. Make 10 sales per day (easily achievable) and you’d be making $130 per day. That’s $910 per week – $3900 per month – $47,450 per year all online from home and from just one income stream. No gas, no tolls, no commute no jackass boss…

You can buy a .info domain for as little as 1$. You can set up a landing page with Click Funnels in 10 minutes. You can buy a domain for what ever niche the hot selling products are operating in and your tracking and testing can begin. Because some of these Clickbank products are in niches that are very low competition traffic is cheap and ROI’s can be sky high!

If your plan is to make money via affiliate marketing you don’t need to choose a niche, you just need the correct mind set, Click Funnels, and Afflift

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2 thoughts on “Is it a MUST You Choose a Niche?

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