Funnel X ROI = SCAM

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So, is Funnel X ROI (Easy 1 Up) really a scam?

Okay, the answer to that question is no, in a black white discussion Funnel X ROI is not a flat out scam. However, this particular affiliate marketing opportunity operates dead in the middle of the grey area. The word “scam” is a very strong one. The Nigerian Prince that’s needs $1000 to access his $10 million is a flat out scam but with that said its hard to call something that CAN actually make you money a scam & you can make money with Funnel X ROI.

Before I dive in I’d like to issue a quick disclaimer. I am definitely NOT an expert when it comes to these types of programs or programs like them. To stay I totally understand the commission structures and the way it ALL works would not be truthful. I DO however know Internet/Affiliate marketing & in my 10 years of doing this I’ve learned a whole LOT. One fact I’ve learned has become my number 1 rule online and that’s marketing is a lot easier when your promoting a quality product that you truly believe in.

The problem with these pyramid type methods is, they ALWAYS eventually crash and burn. A few years ago there was a very popular affiliate program called Empower Network. Empower Network employed a very similar commission structure that Funnel X ROI does. These programs are all about recruiting buyers under you to form your down line. Every sale your down line makes has a direct affect on you and the person/people above you and so on.

In order to promote these “high ticket” offers you have to buy into them. What happens with these types of programs is the quality of the actual products your forced to buy & sell begin to suffer because it becomes more about getting people to join than it does getting use out of the products.

So, is the Funnel X ROI really a scam? – Probably not & while I’m sure its a system capable of lining your pockets for a while, what happens when it does crash and burn? – And if history is any guide, it will. What if the Funnel X ROI program is your main source of income when it does crash?

If you really want to learn affiliate marketing – If you really want to earn enough commissions consistently enough to replace a 9 to 5 job I believe there is only 1 way to do it, and that’s with good old fashion hard work. If you put the time and energy you can spare into learning affiliate marketing its a realistic goal to think it’ll earn you a full time income.

A quote I truly believe in is “getting instant answers and solutions to your affiliate marketing questions and problems in real time will pave a smooth road to affiliate marketing success”.

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