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It’s no secret Affiliate marketing can be very difficult. If commissions are going to come consistently, the work you put in will have to be just as consistent. Most people have no problem working hard, most people would be grateful to be working from home no matter how hard they had to work. Unfortunately, hard work is just the tip of the iceberg when trying to achieve affiliate marketing success. Success in this field also requires some technical responsibilities most people find very intimidating.

It’s an unfair truth, but if you’re new to Affiliate marketing you will probably make your fair share of mistakes. There is a whole lot of misinformation to get through before it all starts to make sense. That’s because most affiliate marketing coaches, rather self proclaimed coaches are teaching things they haven’t succeeded in themselves. While its still early on in your affiliate marketing career there is a good chance you will be getting stuck – a lot. When we’re stuck we look for solutions and unfortunately trying to find those solutions ourselves can take us way off track.

I personally believe the best 2 ways to learn affiliate marketing are;

  1. doing it all yourself & figuring it out through old fashioned trial and error.
  2. learning from someone that’s actually doing it, and doing it successfully.

And no, this is not the point that I try to sell you my can’t miss affiliate marketing system. I don’t have a “can’t miss affiliate system” unfortunately very few Internet marketers do.

Real deal super affiliates are few and far between. There are a lot more wanna-be affiliates that are just faking it til they make it. Those wanna-be’s earn an Internet income by selling Internet marketing courses they’re not qualified to teach & unfortunately the sea of misinformation continues to grow – but I digress…

So how do you know who to learn from?
How do you know if the person you choose top learn from is actually a successful affiliate marketer?

Sadly there is no way to know for sure that your new found mentor is worthy of being a mentor and that’s why I am huge fan of Afflift which is an Affiliate Marketing discussion forum. Afflift is a community that’s populated with PROVEN super affiliates & I believe getting answers and solutions to your affiliate marketing questions and problems in real time is the best way to learn.

Afflift is a community – & the word community is defined as a;
feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Think about that definition and tell me, can you think of a better place to learn a complex subject? Because I can’t…

Internet marketing is difficult, we all get stuck in the mud. Sometimes we can’t find the answers we need without weeding through a sea of content in search of a single sentence & that is definitely not a productive way to figure something out. In a discussion forum setting everyone is eager to help & you can request relevant answers to all of your questions, no search necessary. I’ll say it again, the best people to get advice from are people that ‘are actually walking the walk & not just talking the talk.

Along with getting your questions answered and your problems solved – some affiliates do follow along posts. These “follow along posts” are step by step case studies. I recently created a funnel for a Clickank product using a campaign creating follow along on Afflift. That funnel is selling that Clickank product at 1 in 19 clicks & that’s the best results I’ve ever gotten from a CB offer. OH Yea – I’m also building an email list with that same funnel and I had it all set up in 2 hours. If not for that follow along post the same 2 step funnel may have taken me weeks to set up – test – and get profitable.

There is a whole lot of tasks that come with affiliate marketing as a career choice, very complex tasks that require research to complete. If your research is coming from an unreliable source you could potentially cost yourself time and money and those are the most valuable assets you have in ANY walk of life. Some of those “complex tasks” include, but are not limited to;

  • Choosing offers.
  • Creating landing pages.
  • Traffic Generation.
  • Constant testing & tracking those offers, your landing pages and your traffic source.

My advice, don’t go at it alone but also be very careful who you choose to learn from. My favorite learning platform will always be an interactive one. I believe a community that allows questions and provides instant answers is a priceless resource & to me that’s exactly what a discussion forum is. An interactive learning platform is the best way to master an extremely complex subject like marketing online. Don’t get caught up “chasing your own tail”. Join Afflift today and take your first step towards super affiliate statues.

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