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I know what you’re thinking and I can’t say that I blame you… “Paid Surveys, really Brook is that what you’ve sunk to”?…

If you told me 4 weeks ago that I would actually write the words “you can make real money taking surveys online” I would have said you’re CRAZY! I would have said I would never write that ESPECIALLY where other people may read it. However sitting here now after going through a paid survey experiment – an experiment I was basically forced into conducting – I’m not only writing that sentence I’m actually writing it with confidence behind the statement & no I haven’t lost my mind.

I reluctantly agreed to try and make some money taking surveys as a favor to a friend that recently fell on some hard times. She was picking my brain about making extra money online and everything I suggested seemed to discourage her more and more. For someone not familiar with business models like adsense or affiliate marketing the process can seem nearly impossible. Sometimes the best way for someone to START making money online is to start with a “job like” opportunity. Unfortunately just 4 short weeks ago I didn’t think there was any realistic opportunities out there especially any that would be easy to find. I told here to do some reading herself and if she came across an opportunity that seemed doable, I’d check it out for her.

She called me the next day and wanted to know about taking surveys for money. I’ve always had a negative feeling towards those types of opportunities. To be 100% honest I never had any real evidence to base those feeling on, I just thought it was crazy that people would charge you to work. That’s insane, would you ever pay for a real world J.O.B – of course not, so seeing websites charging $37 so you can access their paid survey database forced me to hate the idea of paid surveys.

I gave my friend my opinion on the subject and she was really disappointed. She told me she really thought the survey opportunities she researched was going to help her through her current rough patch. Before I told her to just completely forget about taking surveys for money I told her I would look into the 3 programs she found. 1 site wanted you to pay money so that opportunity was immediately OUT so then their were 2…

The 1st program I tried was “Survey Voices” it was totally free to join and to my surprise I actually earned money on my first day. If you’re rolling your eyes in disbelief as you ready this I can’t blame you, but bare with me cause I have proof. I definitely completed the most offers and made the most money with Survey Voices but there was 1 other VERY interesting program I used. Before I get into the 2nd program I made money with let me provide some proof.

Logically thinking, market research is a critical factor to the success of businesses. Getting feedback from the markets you’ll be operating in is priceless. Of course companies are willing to pay and pay well for certain information. My ignorance on the subject and a few bad sites/stories really tarnished what I thought about market research opportunities, but the truth is I’ve missed out.

Here’s a screen shot from my Paypal. All of those payments are a result of paid surveys. I had to erase the specifics in the payment from column but they’re filtered results and all payments are from 2 paid survey programs.

The larger payments are from SurveyVoices and that’s why its my number 1 choice. SurveyVoices offers the highest payouts per survey.

My number 2 choice is REAL Surveys That Pay (RSTP) and they offer the highest volume of paid survey offers. They key to making as much money as possible with REAL Surveys That Pay (RSTP) is do as many surveys as possible as soon as you join. If you really hustle when you 1st join you will show you’re eager to earn and that will result in much higher paying offers right from the start. If you get your earnings to 10$+ in the 1st hour you join (easy to do) RSTP will send the best paying market research opportunities.

I made close to $600 in just over 3 weeks and I made that amount of money while I was running my full time business. I never spent more than 2 hours in a day taking surveys and I was still able to make that much money in just 24 days. If I had the time to really go full throttle and complete market research opportunities full time I could have made at the very least triple that amount.

Most people look for ways to make extra money online because they need extra money. They’re not looking to get rich and start a business, they just want job type offers that they can do for home and that’s exactly what taking paid surveys provides. A real, legitimate way to make extra money from home.

Needless to say my friend was very grateful I ran this test for her and she is currently taking surveys 4 hours per day and earning about 200$ a week. Between survey money and her unemployment I’m happy to report shes currently in a much better place financially.

If you want to make money online with a “job like” opportunity, paid surveys is the way to go. Join both programs and be aggressive, be sure to take the first few surveys you’re offered and they will keep the money making opportunities coming at ya…

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